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Poker Night at the Inventory Pcgame


Poker Night at the Inventory RIP
Release Date : 24/11/2010 Protection : Steam
Release Type : RIP Company : Telltale Games

Release Notes:

Prepare for a different kind of poker night in a very different kind
of club. In Poker Night at the Inventory, you’ll deal with Penny
Arcade’s clever, cunning Tycho, Team Fortress 2’s hulking Heavy,
Homestar Runner’s self-proclaimed “awesome icon” Strong Bad and the
hyperkinetic “rabbity-thing” from Sam & Max. These characters come
together in ways some never thought possible, in a setting few would
have predicted.

Install Notes:

1. Unpack the release with WinRAR.
2. Install the game.
3. Start the game from desktop or startmenu.
4. Enjoy!